Since Lee and Richard have founded durhamlane in 2011, they stay true to their core mission: raising the bar of the sales profession – a profession, everybody should be proud of. Read the 5-year birthday interview >>

…and so, they have built up an enviable reputation as thought leaders on sales performance, helping commercial teams and organisations of all sizes become more profitable and transition towards developing performance cultures.

Take a new perspective on sales

Today’s fast-changing business world has forever altered the way we drive revenues. As technology and competition continues to accelerate at break-neck speed, only the agile and those who can quickly adapt will survive. That’s why we are here to support progressive companies on their exciting path towards rapid and sustainable growth.

With clients across many sectors (including IT, software and technology, digital, pharmaceutical, engineering and professional services) we have developed an impressive track record via our proven sales methodology, selling tools and blueprints that result in measurable sales success. A process we’re proud to call Selling at a Higher Level.

Our approach is all about the blend – We make it our business to know your business, as every client we work with is unique. All our sales programmes are bespoke and flexible for a reason, as it has maximum impact on results and minimum impact on time spent in and on your business, making you more effective.

The skillset of our talented team is transferable across any sector, which is why we believe durhamlane is the perfect partner for any company, of any size, in any sector. Get to know us and our team >>




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