Create new opportunities to keep a positive growth momentum

Our Business Development consultants understand to raise business profiles and open doors for new and sometimes unknown customer bases. Because of our “One Team One Approach” method we are able to enter new markets and generate valuable opportunities more quickly and at a fraction of the cost with greatly reduced risk to the organisation.

We have the flexibility to do what is best, what is necessary and what gets maximum results for your specific project.

Our team are Subject Matter Experts. This already broad and ever growing knowledge of industry sectors means we are no stranger to researching new markets, while also finding out the most suitable method of communication for your industry.


The benefits of working with us:

One team one approach
Our motivated team take ownership for your pro-active ‘sales power’. Under support and strategic guidance from durhamlane management, they work jointly towards YOUR goals.

Agile techniques
We deliver best value and create maximum success. If something is not working, we tell you right away and recommend another approach.

Never miss an opportunity
Being vigilant and spotting opportunities is in our DNA. We have our eyes and ears open at any time to discover a ‘compelling event’ which will lead to new business.

C-Level approach
We speak to decision makers and ensure all our interaction is effective (Relevant, Concise, Topical & Action Orientated).

Magic 35 Qualification
Due to our qualification tool we only hand over opportunities that work for you, so you spend your time at qualified meetings.

Latest technology
We use digital tools to get in front of the right people at the right time for the right reason. We go of trigger events and pro-actively think of problems that need to be solved.

Profound market knowledge
With the support from our Market Intelligence Specialists durhamlane Business Development delivers a clear understanding of where, what, and who your customers are.