Developing Commercial Skills
of Sales and Non-sales People

Our over-riding mission is ‘to raise the bar of the sales profession’ and elevate how sales is valued in a bottom-line focused world. We do this by helping individuals and businesses develop commercially, customer-centric and future-focused mindsets.

All of our masterclass workshops can be tailored and adapted to create company specific programmes. Our preference is to build programmes that consist of multiple short, sharp, engaging and fun sessions. Using our Learn > Do > Review methodology we create learning that not only makes a positive difference but sticks for long term success!

Every training session is designed around our own methodology ‘Selling at a Higher Level’, which is practical and tailored to benefit everyone in your business, from technical staff, marketing experts through to experienced sales leaders.


We deliver half-day masterclasses at our office in Newcastle on a monthly basis or we tailor a training programme to your exact requirements. Find detailed descriptions of the courses and the schedule in this brochure.

Contact us on to book group sessions or packages of more than 5 workshops.

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We are “business people first, trainer & coach second”. We know what works because we are out there every day: calling leads, outbound prospecting, deploying new technologies. We are shaping the latest and most effective approaches for engaging prospects in sales conversations.

All our training programmes come with learning reinforcement methods to ensure all new learning and ways of working stick. We don’t run long courses, rather we prefer to build programmes that blend a series of high energy workshops, with online tools and virtual support meaning your people can spend more time developing business and creating sales.


Masterclasses in Newcastle upon Tyne

How To: Increase Your Sales Success

An introduction to our proven approach to sales.

Sales is the life-blood of every company. As such, no matter whether your job title has sales in it or not, you have a role to play in the future success of your business. We all need to take responsibility for thinking commercially.

During this workshop we will inspire and motivate attendees as they begin to understand the world of successful selling and the responsibilities of being a sales professional - the durhamlane way. Sharing a range of sales best practices, methods, techniques and blueprints we will prove that sales is an art, a science and a skill that can be learnt.

The Selling at a Higher Level workshop will provide insight into the new world of the sales profession and will give you ideas you need to increase your commercial success.
You will commit to working in a better, more productive way with a focus on business fit, business value and the development of long-term relationships.

How To: Generate New Sales Opportunities

Prospecting Techniques and Approaches

Whilst it is generally more cost effective to sell again to an existing customer than win a new one, we understand the huge importance and value winning brand new customers presents. No matter what sales position you occupy in your organisation, the ability to network and build new relationships is one that needs to be nurtured.

“Coldcalling”– not the friendliest of terms. That’s why on our Prospecting for New Business workshop you will gain access to a range of tools and techniques that are proven to open up conversations with a new prospect; turning Cold into Warm using a repeatable blueprint.

You will:
- Learn a technique for engaging at a senior executive level
- Develop your elevator pitch to maximise your impact Work through a confidence building networking strategy
- Create a great first impression
- Consider the power of referrals, cross-selling and up-selling

You will leave this workshop with a prospecting technique that is proven to make a rapid impact on your new business development activity. You will feel more confident in your approach to networking and will have fine-tuned your pitch so that when that chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity arises you will deliver to the best of your abilities.

How To: Build Value-Based Relationships

Introduction to Question Based Selling

The world of sales has changed. It is no longer acceptable or productive to pitch your product to anyone who is willing to meet you in the hope that something might stick. We have to be more tuned in to the needs, challenges and desires of our customers. We have to uncover value and present solutions that will make a difference whilst showing a positive return on investment.

Our Question-Based workshop will take you through the Selling at a Higher Level sales methodology, paying particular focus to Phase Two: Define & Understand. We will identify what information to uncover, before building value through the use of impactful questions. We will think through whom we need to engage with, when and how.

This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to get ahead in sales. By re-thinking how you sell today, understanding how your customers buy and adapting your approach accordingly, you will be brilliantly placed to make a positive difference from the moment you step back into the workplace.

How To: Identify Your Ideal Customer

Introduction to Key Account Management

Do you know who your Key Accounts are? What would happen if one of them disappeared from your sales order book tomorrow? Your answer to the first question will impact your answer to the second. As customers become more complicated, and their buying teams more sophisticated, it is essential you and your business have a suitable strategy designed to identify, win, maintain and grow the customers that make the biggest difference to the long-term success of your business.

During this workshop we delve into the theory and background to Key Account Management - where it originated and how it is used. Importantly, you will take these recognised models and apply them to your business to create a unique set of actionable deliverables. You will leave with increased knowledge, and also ideas and actions that can be implemented with your team to help you increase your success and deliver long-term value to your organisation. We will explore which types of customer you have today and which you want tomorrow; building plans to service them appropriately and effectively.

This workshop is ideal for all sales professionals, sales managers and business owners who want to get ahead. Understanding and identifying your ideal customer and factoring what resources should be provided is a core skill necessary for long-term success.

How To Maximise Personality Dynamics in Selling

Introduction to Interpersonal Psychology in Sales

Every single interaction with a customer is a significant moment of truth, where a complex set of psychological factors combine to make or break a deal. Understanding your own and others’ personality type can significantly increase your success rate when developing new business. In this workshop you will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of interpersonal dynamics so that you can successfully flex your communication strategy with a range of different customer personality types.

You will:
1. Deepen understanding of your own personality drivers and communication preferences.
2. Analyse how personality preferences can positively, and negatively, influence outcomes with your key customer contacts.
3. Learn how to assess personality dynamics and how to adapt your approach to maximise influence with key customer contacts.
4. Apply personality insights to improve your approach to the management of specific key contacts.

This workshop will equip you with deeper personal insight and the confidence to adapt your style when communicating with people who have very different personality factors to you. Deepening your personal insight is one of the most powerful sales competencies you can develop, and you will have a toolkit that can immediately improve the quality of every customer interaction you have.

How To: Secure Value-Based Contracts

Win-Win Negotiation

Can everything be negotiated? The key to building successful, long-lasting business relationships is a focus on win-win outcomes.

This short, sharp and intensive course will not only help you prepare for your next negotiation but will help you understand that negotiation is an on-going activity that starts from the first meeting where a sales opportunity is identified.
During this workshop we will explain the power of research, help you analyse where the power lies, estimate and validate what's really important - not just to you but to your customers too - and build solutions focused on win-win outcomes that lead to successful long-term partnerships.

You will leave this workshop with a completed, working copy of our Value-Based Negotiation worksheet that will help you secure future contracts at levels you didn't previously believe possible.

How To: Present With Confidence

There is an on-going debate surrounding whether Sales is an Art or a Science. At durhamlane we believe it is
both and a lot more scientific than people accounted for. However, there is definitely skill required to draw in
your audience, to create and deliver a presentation that moves someone to take positive action, to persuade
others that your solution is the right fit.

During our Pitch & Present workshop you will:
• Learn the importance of creating a great first impression
• Develop your elevator pitch in order to maximise your impact
• Develop a fail-proof Networking strategy
• Understand the importance of referrals, cross-selling and the power of warm introductions

In addition we will spend time looking at how to develop the perfect Business Fit Presentation. We will
uncover what research needs to be done, and what information is required to make maximum impact – to
make sure you stand out from your competition.

You will leave this workshop with a robust presentation template and a clear understanding of how to deliver
the best pitch possible. You will feel more confident in your approach to networking and will have fine-tuned
your pitch so that when that chance-of-a-lifetime opportunity arises you will deliver to the best of your

How To: Take out the Cold of Cold Calling

Succeed in Telesales

Are you or your team looking to increase confidence and success when selling over the telephone? If so then this high impact workshop is for you. Don't hide behind your emails, rather, pick up the phone.

During our telephone sales workshop, you will:
• Learn how to increase your confidence and create the right environment around you for maximum success.
• Explore a technique that ensures you are prepared and ready before picing up the phone.
• Debate the value of voicemail and develop a calling strategy.
• Understand the power of questions.
• Identify who to call, and when, based on your objectives.

You will leave this workshop with confidence and a desire to pick up the phone to create sales success. As a key tool in your sales kit bag, the telephone will become a high impact resource for you and a pivotal way for you to identify, nurture and develop new customers.

How To: Embrace Technology to Improve Lead Generation

Social Media Selling

The selling landscape has changed forever. Buying decisions now start on the Web and gain momentum
through Social Networks. Buyers don’t answer cold calls or call in sales people anymore; instead they browse
for information, hoover up facts, and listen to previous customer experiences – good and bad.
If you or your company are not yet engaged in Social Media then now is time to get started. Don’t worry
though; our Selling with Social Media workshop will guide you through the online world and provide you with
a clear action plan on how to get started.

During this engaging, practical and hands-on workshop we will cover topics such as:
• Linking up with LinkedIn – how to successfully use this de facto business-networking tool
• Twitter, Facebook and how to connect, listen and engage successfully online
• Using online marketing techniques to communicate and engage with your customers

This workshop is ideal for sales people, executives and business owners who want to understand how they
can engage and capitalise on the online conversations already taking place around them. Each workshop will
take into account the skills of attendees so that we can blend a programme suited to your objectives. You will
leave our Selling with Social Media workshop with a clear understanding of the online world and an action
plan designed to get you started.

How To: Plan a Successful Sales Campaign

Planning and preparation. Two words all too often missing from some sales people’s vocabulary. The importance of planning and preparation cannot be underestimated. If you want to be one of the 20% making 80% of the sales, then it is imperative you get focused on planning. Plan and prepare for success.

Don’t worry, at durhamlane we are not interested in twenty page account plans that get reviewed once a year and spend the rest of the time at the bottom of a drawer, or on a shelf. We help our clients create Opportunity Plans that are living, working and practical documents.

Attend our Planning for Success workshop and you will learn how a plan can make the difference between success and mediocrity. You will uncover the power of the mind – your mind. You will be challenged to visualise success – to put it into words and pictures that inspire you to go the extra mile. And you will start to practice the art of being “Ambitious but Realistic”.

You will leave this workshop with an understanding of how to use durhamlane’s 1-page Opportunity Planner template to make a difference to your sales success. You will have visualised success and built a comprehensive plan of action for one of your live sales opportunities. At the end of this workshop you will be in a position to take positive action that will have an immediate impact on your year ahead.

How To: Remove the Mystery of Closing

There is plenty of information and advice out there about this age-old sales topic. The truth is closing techniques shouldn't be shrouded in mystery. Whilst we appreciate successful closing is an absolutely vital part of the sales cycle (without closing the business it's all been rather futile after all), we believe it should be a "natural conclusion" to all of the good work you have put in to that point.

In our Closing with Confidence workshop you will learn how to build towards, then identify, the perfect moment to ask for the business. You will understand how to make sure you are positioned correctly and what to do if further questions are asked (objection handling).

You will leave this workshop having practiced a selection of closing questions designed to suit your personal style and your own unique approach. You will feel confident in asking for your customer's business in the future, safe in the knowledge that you are seeking to form an appropriate partnership based on value and trust.