durhamlane is re-writing the rules of outsourced sales & marketing with a complete rebrand to start 2021. 

In truth, we’ve been leading the way with aligned sales & marketing services for some time now. But now, with this introduction of a fresh look, new user-friendly website and clear message, our position at the forefront of revenue generation is undeniable. 

A new vision 

Our leadership team have been working diligently in order to get things right, and we couldn’t be happier with the result. However, with that said, we don’t want to make this all about us. 

After all, it’s customers that keep a business alive. That’s why our new brand is entirely centered around how and why we drive sales success and revenue growth for our clients. 

As we all know, customer expectations have changed drastically over the past year. Due to the tumultuous state of things, organisations are in desperate need of agile, quick-launch operations in order to: 

  • Ignite Demand – Modern sales operations need to be fueled by demand. This is why we implement aligned sales & marketing strategies in order to enhance interest, brand awareness and conversion rates. 
  • Drive Sales – Sales performance is the key driver for revenue growth. Our focus is on creating high-quality business opportunities for our clients in order to achieve this end goal. 
  • Accelerate Revenue – Ultimately, we want to accelerate revenue growth for our clients. In doing so, we help position our clients as leaders in their own respective industries. 

A renewed customer focus 

The durhamlane approach is designed to fit all sizes and sectors. From SME to Enterprise, the durhamlane brand promises: 

  • Opportunitiesoptimised – The results we promise are the same for all our clientsto ignite demand, drive sales and accelerate revenue. 
  • Relationships, refined – We understand that different sectors have different requirements when it comes to engaging with customers. This is why our focus is on working with clients to understand their needs and formulate the best sales & marketing strategy possible.  
  • Sales, streamlined – Our proven ‘Selling at a Higher Level’ methodology is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing client operations, improving sales performance without disruption. 

See for yourself 

The new durhamlane website is designed for an easy browsing experience. 

If you haven’t already investigated, we welcome you to take a look around. Or, to make things easier, try some of the quick links below: 

  • Customer success stories – See the results we’ve generated across various industries through aligned sales & marketing services.
  • Content library – If you’re looking for expert tips, insights and sales & marketing thought leadership, our library of blogs, eBooks and whitepapers has everything you need.
  • How we can help your businessInterested to learn more about how we can support your revenue growth? Take a look at our new ‘Services’ section for a clear understanding of what makes durhamlane different. 

If revenue growth is your core initiative for 2021, we want to speak with you. Get in touch for a helpful, friendly chat with one of our team. 

Let’s talk

We’re always open to hearing from ambitious organisations that are looking to scale but are unsure how. Get in touch to see how we can help overcome your sales challenges.