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13 Mar 2020 / durhamlane

A Sales Podcast Worth Listening To


by Charlotte Ridley

The first instalment of durhamlane’s new sales podcast series, 50 Shades of Sales: Life as a Sales Exec, is now live. The series is hosted by durhamlane’s own sales training guru, the very outspoken Luke Robinson.

Another sales podcast?!

Yes, yes. We hear you. The internet is already swarming with sales podcasts, so why should you bother listening to ours?

Well, basically, we’re cutting the bulls**t by giving you an unfiltered view of life as an SDR.

Host Luke promises to bring “a no-holds-barred, alternative view of the challenging yet rewarding life of an SDR.”

We’re bringing you real-life stories from real-life salespeople (that means people who STILL work in sales – not out-of-touch seniors looking back on the good old days).

We know that life as an SDR can be draining, difficult and downright deflating. That’s why we’re here to show you you’re not alone in your struggles… and don’t worry, there’s light at the end of the funnel.

Through actual insights and funny stories, we’re going to give back to the sales profession and provide value without expecting anything in return – not exactly what you’d expect from a typical salesperson.

Most importantly, we want to have a bit of a laugh because we genuinely love what we do. We want to provide you with something that’s going to make your workday a bit more enjoyable.

You can find the first episode, ‘Rejection – Is it personal?’, on Spotify right now!

Follow us on Spotify for more sales podcast greatness or, for more sales help, call us on 0191 481 3800 or by emailing

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