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05 Nov 2018 / durhamlane, Outsourcing

Is your sales pipeline as full as it could be?

Sean Ball

by Sean Ball

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It’s now November.

Some businesses are well over the half way point in their financial year.

Others are in their final quarter.

Sales leaders are now expected to ramp up activities and sales volumes for a strong end to the year.

Alongside planning for success in the next year.

It’s a tough time.

If you’re not already, it’s worthwhile seriously considering giving your sales pipeline a ‘shot in the arm’.

By enlisting a growth acceleration partner like durhamlane, you give yourself the best possible chance of achieving your KPIs and ending the year on a high.

Here are some questions to help you decide whether or not you should outsource some of sales function to a partner like durhamlane:

  • Can I achieve my sales targets with current resource levels?
  • Do I have enough opportunities in my pipeline (mindful of close ratios)?
  • Where is my sales teams’ time best spent for the remainder of the year – prospecting, nurturing or closing?
  • How many more deals could we realistically close before year end (considering our sales cycles)?
  • And what do we need to do the next 30 days to maximise our results?

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Outsourced Business Development Rate Card

Outsourced Business Development Rate Card

Outsourced Business Development Rate Card

Our Outsourced Services are purchased on a Campaign or Retained basis, ensuring our customers are passed fully-qualified, high quality sales opportunities.

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