After months of consistently delivering results for clients using the Nexus platform, durhamlane have been named a Nexus Accredited Partner.

Nexus is a customer behaviour insights platform which enables businesses to enhance their targeted sales and marketing activity. As specialists in Demand Generation and Account-Based Marketing (ABM), durhamlane have been working closely with Cyance (the team behind Nexus) in order to hone sales and marketing efforts to deliver better commercial outcomes – both in-house and for clients.

Of course, this announcement comes in the midst of great turmoil in the B2B environment. As many industries struggle to keep things running during the Covid-19 epidemic, growth for many businesses has slowed to a near standstill. But, by combining carefully structured messaging with Nexus and other tools, durhamlane have been helping their clients beat the odds.

Nexus Director, Steve Russell, said: “We’ve been extremely impressed with the progress durhamlane have made in deploying Nexus in support of their Demand Generation and sales outreach campaigns, both in terms of their acquired knowledge of the platform, but also the way in which they are now using Nexus intent insights to deliver better targeting, messaging and results.”

durhamlane’s Director of Marketing, Sean Ball, added: “This accreditation is a testament to our Demand Generation and ABM capabilities. Our Demand Generation teams continue to do an outstanding job in using buyer intent data from Nexus to hone their efforts and deliver more and better results for our clients.”

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