This is a long-awaited day! The first issue of our industry led magazine The Leap has gone live and is ready to be viewed here.

This magazine has been created to inspire people who are leading their business through rapid growth. Once a quarter, The Leap is seeking to share insights from the extended world of sales performance. We speak with entrepreneurs, professionals, industry experts and visionarys to trace and share best practices behind commercial success and sustainable growth.

Is the sales role dead??

In the first issue, we focus of sales and how artificial intelligence is changing the profession. We asked Martin Moran, MD at InsideSales.com and former Salesforce Leader, “Is the Sales Role Dead?”. His view on the impact of technology will surely give you something to think about.

How does fortune favour the agile?

With Nick Longden, former executive leader at accounting software company Xero, we discussed the challenge of staying agile in the phase of high-growth and why it is important to maintain a small business culture.

Great salespeople are everywhere

And finally, we dare to make the link between a sales person and a social worker. We are sure you will be amazed about the similarities we see between the two professions.

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