We are delighted to reveal that we are the proud gold sponsor of Scaleup Summit 2018.

Taking place on 15th November at Wylam Brewery’s Palace of Arts, Scaleup Summit (hosted by Scaleup North East) is a celebration of scaling businesses.

It’s an opportunity for like-minded leaders to get together, share their experiences and collaborate to be a catalyst for individual and regional success.

Having grown like-for–like order values by more than 150% as compared to the same period last year, and staffing levels by 294%, durhamlane is not only amongst the fastest growing scale ups in the region but is ready for more!

Moreover, a growing proportion of our customer base are themselves looking to rapidly ‘scale up’.

We have a thorough understanding of the pressures and opportunities that face businesses with scale up ambitions.

Fundamentally, strong sales performance is the key driver of a successful scale up business, from which everything else flows.

No-one is disputing that.

The problem is how do you scale sales performance in a rapid and sustainable manner?

And this is exactly why ambitious companies with the potential to scale come to durhamlane – because we know what it takes to accelerate growth.

We’ll see you there!

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