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05 Jul 2018 / durhamlane, Recruitment

How to find, assess and develop the best sales talent

Sean Ball

by Sean Ball

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Finding the best sales talent is hard. Retaining and realising the potential of that talent can be even harder…

It’s no secret that sales is the lifeblood of any business. The challenge that many organisations struggle to overcome is finding, vetting, training and coaching high performing sales people.

All of these elements are critical in building successful sales teams:

  • Firstly, it is rare that high performing sales people actively look for other roles. In most cases, a carefully planned and executed headhunting strategy is required to recruit the ‘cream of the crop.’
  • Secondly, assessing candidates early in the hiring process is fundamental – you don’t want to wait six months to find out someone isn’t going to succeed.
  • Finally, regular training and coaching of sales people is imperative in order to maximise sales teams, as well as retaining them and laying the foundations for career progression.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Headhunting tips to find the best candidates.
  • How to apply behavioural analytics which reliably and repeatedly screen for and predict a salesperson’s performance.
  • Best-in-class methodologies, tools and techniques for sales training and coaching.


Robert Kealey – Executive Search Consultant, durhamlane

Robert is a renowned 360º Executive Search Consultant and leads the Tech and Enterprise Sales recruitment team at durhamlane. With a background in both sales and recruitment, Robert has extensive knowledge and unique insights on finding the best sales talent.

Alison Freer – Director of Training, Coaching and Consulting, durhamlane

Alison is a highly experienced leadership development specialist in commercial, digital and tech sectors with a focus on building leadership capability for commercial growth, digital transformation and enterprise-wide impact. As an accredited coach, Alison specialises in delivering 1:1 leadership coaching with senior executives in Tech and Sales.

About durhamlane

durhamlane is a sales acceleration consultancy. We help organisations increase their revenues, profits and build high performing sales by using our proven ‘Talent at a Higher Level’ methodology. We create tailored sales training courses and programmes and deliver comprehensive “in role” sales coaching, developing sales team and improving results. Training can be in the form of workshops, online or both, ‘blended’. We have suitable programmes for every professional level – from graduate to leadership level.

*Once you have signed up, you will receive a link to join via email before the webinar begins.

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