Are you frustrated that your team are not as effective as they could be at sales prospecting?

Prospecting for new business is one of the most important parts of business development activity. Yet so many organisations struggle to prospect effectively. Often, it’s because their sales teams are out of practice, lack focus, a systematic approach or sales process and / or qualification criteria.

“Keep your sales pipeline full by prospecting continuously. Always have more people to see than you have time to see them”
– Brian Tracy

Prospecting LIVE!
 is designed to give your sales teams’ prospecting efforts a ‘shot in the arm’. We’ve brought together our proven Learn, Do, Review approach into a one day, high impact, fast-track Prospecting Masterclass designed to improve skills, increase confidence & bolster morale.

Prospecting LIVE! – 1 day blended Masterclass

Morning: How to Prospect like a Pro (Learn)

During the morning, one of our Sales Performance Consultants will share durhamlane’s ‘Prospecting Masterclass’ with your team. Whilst we will tailor the session to your specific requirements, core topics will include:

  • Preparation & planning – creating your own Sales Calling Canvas
  • Overcoming call reluctance
  • Engaging the gatekeeper
  • How to ask ‘high impact’ and ‘pivot’ questions
  • Effective qualification techniques
Afternoon: Now Put it into Practice (Do)

In the afternoon, your teams will put into practice what they’ve just learned, by undertaking live prospecting calls. The team will be supervised, motivated and supported by our Sales Performance Consultant, who will remain on hand, ‘floor walking’ and coaching the team – delivering real time, actionable insight.

This session will be focussed on successfully implementing the learnings from the morning in a practical and sustainable manner, ensuring your team are left with an effective approach and a solid plan to implement improved prospecting techniques.

Post-Session Support (Review)

The package also includes a 1 hour follow-up call with the sales director / leader to review progress and performance, ensuring that the investment has long-lasting impact.


£2,500 + VAT for up to 12 people

What Participants Say:

“My favourite parts of the workshops was where we actually got to apply the theory to our day to day jobs. It’s the best way to actually using it; is to apply it to day to day activity.” – Paul, Sales Development Representative

“I had two meetings the following day and it made me think how to structure my call and be as efficient as possible.” – Lisa, Business Development Manager

“Really good interactive session, not ‘information overload’ where you’re just being spoken to like some training programmes!” – Tony, Sales Manager

“The catalyst to positive change and has given me clarity on how to start and continue the journey. I would highly the Prospecting Live Programme – it’s been fabulous!” – Sarah, Sales Executive

“durhamlane has a fantastic approach to prospecting training. They spent time prior to the training making sure they understood our objectives. They then delivered against these with a highly interactive, enthusiastic and practical sessions. The team left motivated and with new ideas that they then put into practice. We now use these in our everyday approach” – Ben, Enterprise Sales Director

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