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Keeping Business Running

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Keeping Business Running


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Helping KBR build their best ever sales pipeline through multiple services: Training, Recruitment and Lead Generation

For over 35 years, KBR has been the longest-running independent provider of connectivity, security and infrastructure solutions in the North East. Providing businesses with a wide variety of solutions with the aim of ‘Keeping Business Running’ (hence the name).

The Challenge

In recent years, the company have undergone numerous changes – structural and otherwise. These changes, while necessary, have brought with them a variety of challenges. Through our numerous service lines, durhamlane have assisted in overcoming these obstacles, from sales hires to digital marketing campaigns.

How we helped

KBR initially approached durhamlane with needs for high-level sales training. After helping KBR improve their sales performance and processes, further needs arose for a recruitment drive. Thanks to durhamlane’s proven candidate-sourcing methodology, we were able to reduce early-stage screening by over 70%. This meant less
face-to-face interview time was required and, as such, enabled senior KBR members to focus on growth-driving priorities.

When the company were looking to undergo a full rebrand in early 2019, KBR once again sought assistance from durhamlane – this time with our marketing team. As we have expertise across all areas of marketing, we were able to cover all the company’s needs, including a new logo, new marketing collateral and full website redesign (including SEO improvements).


Account Manager Hired


Days to source candidates


Leadership Workshops

“The results, since engaging with durhamlane, are we have the best sales pipeline I’ve seen in 20 years working at KBR… Throughout all the departments I’ve worked with, whether it’s Coaching, Outsourced Sales, Marketing or Recruitment, everyone at durhamlane are experts at what they do.”

Gareth Tomlin

Managing Director