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Improved Sales Performance through refined processes and intense training

Pebble specialises in smart accountancy software that helps schools and other organisations save time and money.  From trips to textbooks, their school fund manager software makes keeping track of voluntary income simplicity itself, while school fund finder is a great way to make sense of the numerous grants and free equipment available to schools. As well as software, Pebble also provides a dedicated team of people who know the products inside out in order to offer all the advice and support required.


In 2009, the Pebble Management Team, despite having an enviable bank of satisfied customers, recognised the need to re-evaluate the way they approached the development of their products and how they positioned themselves in the market.  Competition in the marketplace was increasing and the current ways of working were not delivering the required results.

Business Impact

Richard Lane has demonstrated an understanding of the current situation was initially contracted to undertake a Sales Process Review and a series of follow-on sales training workshops.

The Sales Process Review provided a rapid and highly effective audit of the sales environment and illustrated the opportunities that existed for Pebble to significantly grow their business.

Recommendations varied from:

  • Re-engineering and simplifying the sales process.
  • Refining and improving the contracting and renewals process.
  • Upskilling the enthusiastic sales team to help them to perform at a higher level using solution sales techniques.

Following the presentation of the review findings, a personalised sales development programme was developed and delivered.  This led to instant improvements in confidence, motivation and resulted in a rapid increase of pro-active sales conversations with customers.

Conversations with renewed purpose.

Positivity and momentum were quickly built through the report recommendations and the subsequent sales training.

Following the successful delivery of phase one, the Management Team recognised the value to be delivered by investing in the on-going development of their sales staff through a regular team and one-to-one coaching. This was coupled with a continuous loop of process improvements that brought benefits to staff and customers alike.

Richard’s input has been felt across all activities associated with Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.  We are credited with having helped build a sales performance culture, made possible by focusing on key primary sales levers:

  • Developing more sales opportunities,
  • Increasing the value of each opportunity,
  • Closing more effectively,
  • Reducing the sales cycle lead time.

Our monthly sales coaching and mentoring session are designed to monitor performance, drive activity and motivate the growing sales team.  We support recruitment, business development focus, and offer guidance regarding the on-going sales strategy.

“durhamlane helped us to not just focus on increasing new sales but also on the value to be drawn from continued review of sales process aligned to how customers buy. Since our engagement, Pebble has grown significantly year-on-year, increasing revenue by 23% and profit by 50%.”

Ryan Green

Managing Director