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Perfect Image IT Solutions

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Perfect Image IT Solutions


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Development of a stronger pro-active sales mentality and pipeline

Perfect Image IT Solutions was founded in 1991 as a provider of high quality, end-to-end IT services and has remained true to that aim ever since, servicing a wide range of companies from blue chips and the public sector to high-tech start-ups.

Our Brief

Perfect Image had a broad range of sales professionals who possessed good but raw sales qualities.  They were lacking in confidence, as well as industry-specific sales knowledge. The Management Team at Perfect Image knew that if they were to maximise the opportunity they believed existed, they needed to develop a stronger pro-active sales mentality.

Our Solution

durhamlane’s coaching approach was very appealing to Perfect Image as it was tailored to the industry and exact business needs of the company. A bespoke coaching programme was deployed, with emphasis on prospecting, qualifying, negotiating and closing deals. The Sales process was reviewed and a new structure introduced, which focused on the customer’s business and their specific needs. durhamlane’s Magic 35 Qualification diagnostic tool was placed at the centre of the new sales process helping Perfect Image to develop more senior relationships and sell more effectively. The result is a more efficient, focused and successful sales team.

Business Impact

The coaching has had an invaluable impact on the business, with durhamlane’s tools and techniques becoming engrained in the company’s approach to winning new business. The durhamlane Magic 35 qualification diagnostic tool has been integrated into Perfect Image’s CRM system so that all opportunities are measured and managed effectively. Lead generation was boosted and forecasting has become more accurate.

“When we looked at technology-specific sales coaching and lead generation companies, there was really only one that could deliver what we wanted. durhamlane’s approach is unique.”

Andrew Robson