Cenergist is an energy and water efficiency specialist, who help their partners to develop an execute energy asset strategies. Thanks to their experience in the field, Cenergist implement programmes that bring energy costs under control for a wide range of businesses.

Launched in 2012, Cenergist are growing rapidly. At the end of 2015, the ambitious team approached durhamlane to broaden their pipeline even further and challenged us to generate a steady pipeline of new business opportunity.

Initially, we commenced a 30 day Proof of Concept project, prospecting into the social housing and council sectors, focused on the energy saving components of Cenergist’s business solution. durhamlane impressed Cenergist with the way they communicated, the number of high quality leads that were created during this short time and, due to our strategic approach to prospecting, the ability to create new business opportunities in previously untouched markets.

After this successful phase durhamlane was introduced to the consultancy arm of Cenergist and signed a 12 month contract to prospect for both sides of their business. Since the start of the programme, durhamlane have created opportunities in excess of £2m and have played a role in growing aspects of Cenergist’s business, such as their newly developed water saving programme.

Cenergist have committed to a long-term relationship with durhamlane and the partnership goes from strength to strength, including European prospecting activity.


 Richard Lane: “We are thrilled at the continuation and growth of our relationship with Cenergist. Our two teams quickly bonded together and we are proud to act as their new business development engine – supporting the Cenergist team to not only grow the current business lines but to explore future sector opportunities too”.

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When we met the team for the first time we felt that there was a lot of professionalism, a lot of enthusiasm and a synergy between the organisations. Compared to other call centre style companies, durhamlane brought in a strategic business development edge, which created opportunities in new business areas we haven’t had before.