Gentoo believes in something called ‘the art of living’. This means investing money wisely in people, property and the planet to enhance the lives of others whenever and wherever possible. This is complemented by the Gentoo Green Division whose mission is to make the whole Group “greener” and more sustainable.


The Gentoo Group underwent a major transformation in 2001 as it started looking at how to become more sustainable and market its products and services to the general public as a consumer offer, in addition to the traditional property business which under pins the Group.

In 2012, the Green Division launched a consumer Solar PV product and sales training was identified as a requirement.

Gentoo have always been very good at engaging with their tenants but in order to move into the commercial PV market, a focused sales process and way of thinking was required to bring about successful launch.


Following an insightful Sales Process Review consultancy, Gentoo Green engaged durhamlane to support the creation of a professional sales structure and to transition the division into a sales-led organisation. The existing sales process was slightly dislocated and employees didn’t accept their roles as sales people.

durhamlane developed a coaching and mentoring programme for each individual and for the Gentoo Green team as a unit.  The goal was to create more positivity in the sales process, more dynamism within the customer journey and to develop new sales mindsets within the team.

A new sales discipline was instilled resulting in increased positivity and confidence.

Business Impact

The impact on the business was visible very quickly as the team was able to apply the training and coaching methodologies straight away. The result was a much better focused sales approach. Cold calling and objection handling was done with increased confidence and resulted in higher lead conversion.  The new sales strategy which came out of the sales process review resulted in a maximisation of the lead generation process.

“durhamlane have helped us tremendously by engaging our staff and immersing them into a real sales oriented way of thinking and behaving. They are more focused than ever and interact with the customer in a much more professional way. Our lead generation is on the up and our sales pipeline looks healthier than it has ever done before.”