The Test Factory provide bespoke online assessment and certification solutions to blue-chip clients such as Microsoft, Vodafone, HSBC and the BBC.  Their blend of technology and assessment expertise enables clients to make informed decisions based on accurate business intelligence.  Headquartered in North East England, The Test Factory create and deliver global assessment solutions and have users accessing their technology in more than 155 countries around the world.


After achieving good solid growth for a number of years, The Test Factory’s management team recognised back in 2009 that so much more – and dramatic – success could be achieved if the company’s full potential could be harnessed and propelled in the right direction to maximise the opportunities that were opening-up for its services.

durhamlane undertook a review of the Test Factory’s sales processes; a strategic move that paved the way for the introduction of fundamental but beneficial changes that would deliver new ways of working and drive sales. Central to this was a new plan mapping out for the management team a clear path to stimulate additional new growth, momentum and sustainability (this featured a check-list of clear and precise actions and demonstrated to the rest of the team to show how rapid success would be achieved).

A review of the Test Factory’s approach to sales, its target markets and product positioning was undertaken, which included an assessment of the sales team to identify areas for improvement and where investment could be made in training to develop and nurture new value added business development skills.


durhamlane designed and implemented a comprehensive sales coaching and mentoring programme to move the team seamlessly from selling product to positioning solutions. The team’s approach to sales was re-evaluated before new methods of prospecting, relationship building, qualifying, negotiating and account management were incorporated to improve sales conversion rates.

Business Impact

durhamlane’s expertise has had a significant impact on The Test Factory. The business has forged ahead to become a truly global business with a reputation for innovation, excellence and a provider of niche services. But the acid test has to be terms of bottom line performance and here the company has excelled, boosting the average value of its clients by an impressive 400%.

It now works at the highest levels within global blue chip organisations, making a beneficial impact as a solutions provider, focused on adding value and solving its clients’ problems with targeted solutions that really deliver in terms of a solid return on investment.

“His (Richard’s) advice, expertise, recommendations and coaching have transitioned the entire business from a software vendor to a business partner, solving business challenges and adding real value to clients.”