Not your average B2B
sales growth agency

durhamlane recognises the need for a seamless connection between marketing and sales. Because in the ever-changing digital marketplace, accelerating one without the other can result in missed business opportunities.

Our team of strategists build success from the ground up. Laying a solid foundation for winning go-to-market strategies. Evaluating activity, data and audiences. Scoping untapped opportunity in the market. Developing robust value propositions with optimised messaging. Generating maximum impact from B2B campaigns that help our customers achieve sales growth at scale.

  • Campaigns are not delivering ROI because of inefficient data, audience targeting, or lack of solid KPIs across delivery teams.
  • Insufficient research has taken place to get under the skin of buyer personas, or test priority markets and verticals.
  • In-depth analysis is required across the competitive landscape and product/solution pricing, with no clear differentiation or USPs in place.
  • Value propositions aren’t packing the punch needed to achieve cut-through, resulting in inconsistent messaging through the customer journey.

From Strategy to Revenue

Activity Analysis

Undertaking a thorough review of demand marketing activity to pin point successes, failures, insights and outcomes.

Learning lessons from recent activity and applying them to the future is a key component to developing a winning GTM strategy. However it’s one that often gets overlooked due to limited resources, pressure from other stakeholders to launch within a certain time frame, or lack of awareness / prioritisation of the exercise.

We push marketing under the microscope to understand what was successful, what didn’t work and identify where the opportunities lie. From budget analysis and planning to campaign assets and engagement, we help you stop wasting precious resource on activities that aren’t delivering a return and maximise what works.

Data Deep Dive

Quality data that is fresh, cleansed, and intelligently mapped to your target audience.

Data can make or break even the most potent demand generation campaign. If the message isn’t landing in front of your buyers, it will have little impact. Reviewing and refining your target market or verticals, ICP and buyer personas is the first step to getting this right. Are they clearly defined and are they right for the planned activity?

We deep dive into your campaign audience; establishing broad audiences and high priority accounts, mapping the spheres of influence to leave no door unopened. Identifying key personas and the nuances in their buying behaviour. Building quality data that is fresh and cleansed to drive maximum engagement.

Opportunity Scoping

Research that removes the guesswork. Exposing gaps in the market, so you can accelerate growth across key verticals.

Whether you’re bringing a new solution to market or want to grow your existing market share, opportunity scoping is arguably the most critical research element of your go-to-market strategy. It can be all too easy to march on where you “know” or “think” the biggest opportunity lies, without giving your customers a reason to choose your business over the competition.

We perform comprehensive research to put clear blue water between your offering and the competition; driving opportunity with the contacts and companies that mean the most to you. Conducting in-depth analysis across the competitive landscape to identify USPs. Tapping into your target markets and verticals. Getting under the skin of your customer’s needs, desires and pain points. And establishing an unequivocal line between their requirements and your solutions.

Proposition Development

Strengthening your campaign proposition to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time.

Effective sales and marketing campaigns are built around clear messages. Uniquely designed to communicate the problems, solutions and end-benefits to your target audience.

We offer a fresh perspective that asks all the right questions; evaluating and strengthening messaging prior to full-scale implementation. Articulating your proposition to elevate your USPs and achieve cut through in the market. Driving consistent messaging across every touch point to signpost a clear course of action for your buyers.