Meet the
durhamlane team

Jake Spence

Managing Director

Jake joined durhamlane in 2013 after gaining experience in project management, sales and business development in consumer financial services and insurance markets. Due to his exceptional people management and commercial skills, Jake has played a key role in building durhamlane to the business it is today. He leads and develops our team of Business Development Managers, using durhamlane’s unique methodology to ensure consistent, profitable growth in sales revenue for both our clients and our business.

What I’m passionate about:

After studying fine art, I continue to paint and draw regularly (as I can!) When I’m time poor, it’s what I look to do in order to destress and refocus. Convenience is its strength, with only 5 minutes or given a whole week, you can create or achieve something with painting or drawing. I don’t have a specific discipline, I create paintings, drawings and contemporary work with a range of media. My paintings have featured in local exhibitions and I’ve sold several paintings which is something I’m particularly proud of.

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What Selling at a Higher Level means to me:

Its framework allows me to systematically evaluate a sales process. Its tool kit allows me to sell to my customers in a professional, thoughtful and simple way.

Lee Durham

Chief Growth Officer

Lee is a passionate and performance driven entrepreneur who enjoys nothing more than spotting, exploring and brokering the next big opportunities. Having co-founded durhamlane, with over 20 years commercial sales and marketing experience, Lee is an expert in delivering solutions to ambitious organisations and their investors throughout the UK and worldwide. He has been the driving force behind high growth programmes for businesses of all sizes from SME’s to Blue Chip clients, primarily in the technology, software and manufacturing and engineering sectors. Lee is passionate about our goal ‘to raise the bar of the sales profession’ and make it a profession to be proud of, as it is in the US, after all, we all sell in some shape or form – without sales you don’t have a business, a fact that is all-too-often neglected.

What I’m passionate about:

With a strong passion for life, travel and property, my true north is family, friends and everything durhamlane. I have a saying, healthy body, healthy mind, healthy business, so in order to keep our business in good shape, I keep myself in good shape through swimming and cycling (easy on the knees), with a bit of running for good measure. Having run numerous Marathons over the years, I more recently completed the Deloitte RAB LEJOG & London Revolution, whilst becoming at one with nature and open water swimming, as I prepare for few more personal sporting challenges (triathlons) before I reach the BIG 50, a while away, when my bucket list really kicks in.

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What Selling at a Higher Level means to me:

Selling at a Higher Level for me personifies how every day we all challenge ourselves to raise the bar of the sales profession and make it a profession to be proud of.

Richard Lane

Chief Commercial Officer

Richard is a true thought-leader, entrepreneur, trainer & coach who loves helping people and organisations achieve high growth by developing skills and mind-sets and by improving sales processes. As the creator of durhamlane’s proven methodology ‘Selling at a Higher Level’, Richard enjoys nurturing and developing talented sales professionals to reach their potential, whilst also helping businesses accelerate their growth. Throughout his career, Richard has led both UK and global sales organisations and telemarketing teams to consistently out-perform expectations by selling, and helping others to sell, complex solutions. With a background in training, building relationships, and delivering solutions, Richard has built up an enviable reputation by helping organisations of all sizes become more profitable and transition towards developing performance cultures.

What I’m passionate about:

I was destined to be a Rock Star. No-one could convince me otherwise (e.g. my worn-down careers adviser at school eventually said; “Richard, go for it!”). From the age of 15 when I bought my first guitar and taught myself to play, I knew I wanted to be a musician; to be in a band. I’ve played cool venues, recorded great tunes and made life-long friends and memories through music. I re-channelled my inner-Rockstar into a successful sales career and now into building a business. The rarely seen (or heard!) durhamlane Blues Explosion might be my last chance of stardom…

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What Selling at a Higher Level means to me:

Selling at a Higher Level means empowering people to spend their time where they can be most successful – to be inquisitive, consultative, professional and a go-to resource their customers rely on.

Martin Moran

Chairman of the Board

Martin Moran brings more than 25 years of experience in managing and growing technology businesses in Europe and globally, with a proven track record for building high-performance sales organisations. He has been working in SaaS for over 15 years and is now an active angel investor in technology. At durhamlane, Martin advises the leadership team on international sales strategy and tech stack optimisation, as the business goes from strength to strength. At (a durhamlane customer), Martin is responsible for leading the company’s international business. He will play a key role in helping to accelerate sales for Europe’s leading companies, just as he has made a significant impact in the region with his previous work.

What I’m passionate about:

Rugby. I’ve been involved in the sport man and boy (almost 50 years!) – player, coach, selector, coach educator, committee member, volunteer, supporter. The sport’s core values have always resonated with me… Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship. I have made lifelong friends and memories through rugby. Now, as a coach, I get a lot of satisfaction helping players and other coaches develop. It is my way of giving something back to a sport that has given me so much.

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What Selling at a Higher Level means to me:

Engaging in a confident and collaborative way that enables meaningful sales conversations that focus on value creation for your Customers.