Looking for advice on how to become a Sales Trainer?

Maybe I can provide a few helpful career lessons… I still remember the feeling of speaking in front of 87 sales reps in Yorkshire and wondering how I got there. At the same time, I was instantly addicted to the feeling it gave me.

Coming from a musical household (my dad travels the world as the lead singer of a band), there has always been a natural performer in me bursting to get out – something that helped when I led fitness classes of 30+ people while working as a personal trainer.

This desire to get in front of people, influence their thinking and make a difference is something I was born with. But it’s not the same for everyone.

Are Sales Trainers born or made?

My sales training career began with durhamlane.

I may have been born with the desire to entertain audiences, but my abilities as a Sales Trainer have been built through years of knowledge.

After 10 years of sales experience (including two years in the Outsourced Sales Business Development team at durhamlane), I was granted a baptism of fire when I was appointed as the delivery lead on a sales training package with Sage Manchester’s inside sales and field sales reps.

durhamlane Co-Founders Richard Lane, whose brainchild is our successful ‘Selling at a Higher Level’ sales training programme, and master motivator Lee Durham, have been an integral part of why I became a Sales Trainer. They spotted something in me and put their faith in my ability.

Skills & Confidence

The best Sales Trainers I’ve worked with have all demonstrated the following skills and qualities: good storytelling ability, gravitas, presence, confidence and, above all else, the ability to make training sessions enjoyable.

If you’re not enjoying yourself while learning something new, then you’re not fully engaged. But if your learning experience is enjoyable, you’re motivated and time will fly by.

People often say, “I couldn’t do what you do. The thought of standing up and speaking in front of people terrifies me.”

According to Robin Seiger, 96% of 4-year-old children have high self-esteem, but by the age of 18, less than 3% of the population actually have high self-esteem. This is because somewhere along the way, society has taken away that confidence and through influence, people become fearful and not fearless.

Confidence is a huge factor when it comes to being a successful speaker/trainer, and audiences can see right through someone who doesn’t have confidence. And when confidence is faked, a speaker’s message usually comes across as false.

Remember this helpful little equation: Knowledge + Confidence x Understanding = High Performance

I believe that being born with certain qualities can make the path to becoming a great Sales Trainer much easier. However, with the right mentors and learning experiences, anyone can be made into a high-performing Sales Trainer.

My experiences at durhamlane shaped me, and I finally found what it is I’m meant to do.

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