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Freemium SaaS Sales Recruitment

Wave goodbye to sales graduate recruitment fees. Say hello to fully supported, trained and coached sales graduates - just £500 + VAT per person on a 12 month subscription.

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SaaS Sales Recruitment just went Freemium...

Take SDR or BDR recruitment fees out of your 2020 budget with our Freemium SaaS Sales Recruitment offer.

Let us recruit your team for free in return for a 12-month subscription to our Inside Sales Hub at just £500 + VAT per person per month.

Finding the right SaaS sales people

Finding the best talent can be extremely difficult, especially in the SaaS sector. This is why having the capability to spot, screen and successfully hire these future sales superstars can give SaaS companies a huge competitive edge.

Getting sales recruitment right is crucially important for business growth, but so often it fails. There’s nothing more frustrating than wasting £1,000s on hiring a sales executive or a sales manager that doesn’t perform. This is why durhamlane is now offering graduate sales recruitment to SaaS companies as a free, complimentary service.

Training to provide skills, motivation and value

Finding highly successful salespeople is one thing, retaining them is another. Our Inside Sales Hub subscription combines personalised sales coaching with online resources and masterclass workshops. Research shows high-performing organisations are twice as likely to provide ongoing sales training compared to lower-performing businesses.

Not only is regular training and coaching key to building your sales team’s performance; it’s also an important factor in making your sales professionals feel motivated and valued. Considering the average sales turnover rate is 34%, with 10% of organisations experiencing rates over 55%, building a loyal, happy team can have a massive impact on your SaaS sales success.

We’re on a mission to change the face of sales. Register your interest to receive free SDR / BDR recruitment services throughout 2020 by giving us a call on +44(0)1913361492 or contact us here.






Employees consider quitting because of no/poor coaching


Sales Managers believe they train their employees enough


Higher close rate can be achieved with optimal training

Download our Inside Sales Hub Brochure

To reduce your SDR or BDR recruitment costs to zero in 2020, register your interest now!

Inside Sales Hub brochure

Register your details to guarantee zero recruitment costs in 2020 when you engage durhamlane to build your SDR/BDR team*.

*free recruitment when each recruit is registered to durhamlane’s inside sales hub subscription at £500 per month for a 12 month period.

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