Why durhamlane?

durhamlane is not like other sales and marketing outsourcing businesses. We don’t work like the others. And we don’t charge like the others. Whether it’s:

  • our recruitment and training practices
  • our commitment to long-term careers (we have one of the lowest rates of staff turnover in the sales industry)
  • or the way we reward our teams… everything we do is designed to encourage high-performance behaviours

Our people are passionate and determined to achieve; but also collaborative and genuine: working together to represent you and your business just as effectively as anyone in-house.

We incentivise our employees based on the retention of our clients, which means that our success is truly entwined with yours. For us, success is a repeat customer.

And we don’t charge by the number of leads, either. That would encourage quantity to the detriment of quality, whereas we think there’s a better balance to be had:

High Performance Sales =

We therefore operate on a people model:

  • ‘FTE’ (Full-Time Employee): a number of full-time employees on your project – dedicated, expert, in-depth.

What we do

durhamlane has worked tirelessly to refine every aspect of the sales process, because we passionately believe there’s a better way to sell. Working across the sales cycle end-to-end, we offer a proven, honed and structured methodology which sets the standard for sales effectiveness.
We call it ‘Selling at a Higher Level’, and along with our ethos of tenacity and professionalism, it’s helped us move the needle for hundreds of clients. So no matter what your needs, we can offer you a carefully tailored blend of services and expertise to drive your business forward:

Ignite Demand

Diligent demand generation and lead discovery, from a blank canvas to a steady flow of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL).

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Sourcing, cleaning and resolving gaps in source data.

  • Finding new sources of meaningful data (in-house, third party or public)
  • Validating raw data for correctness / finding errors and resolving them
  • Filling in gaps from third party source or diligent research
  • Ensuring data is properly structured for effective lead generation

Refining client personas and establishing strong leads from weak.

  • Understanding what sorts of client (often more than one community) want your service
  • Characterising clients – their value, propensity to buy, objections, point of need etc.
  • Prioritising customer groups, from low hanging fruit to longer-term sales opportunities
  • Establishing the availability and distribution of these targets in your territories

Defining channels and development of creative.

  • The value proposition meaningful to each type of client and an appropriate offer
  • The channels by which we will successfully yet economically reach targets through multiple touchpoints
  • Creative collateral (including design, copy, brand etc.)
  • Follow-ups: a concise plan for ongoing and relevant engagement

Finding and engaging with clients from first contact to MQL.

  • Lead management strategies which map out client progression to Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)
  • Pursuit of leads and validation through our bespoke ‘Magic 35’ assessment system
  • Managed nurture of leads from first contact through to MQL
  • Refinement of all processes as fed back through the ‘live’ marketing experience

Drive Sales

Qualification and nurture of leads through the sales process to Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).

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Assessment of leads through our rigorous ‘Magic 35’ qualification process to ensure only sound leads are pursued.

  • Developing the right questions to categorise targets effectively
  • Establishing authority – especially in complex client organisations: who are the influencers and buyers; and what do they need to decide?
  • Discovering the barriers to purchase – and whether they can be neutralised for other customers
  • Dealing with ‘maybe-customers’ (keep them warm), compared with ‘never-customers’ (avoid further effort)

Development of leads through the sales funnel with multiple appropriate touchpoints.

  • Creation of lead nurture workflow, touchpoints and stages of the sales pipeline
  • Delivery: emails, telephone calls and all other touchpoints
  • Lead scoring and assessment
  • Expanding relationships across multiple stakeholders where appropriate

Highly targeted, strategic nurture of identified stakeholders in key accounts to yield positive sentiment and improved sales.

  • Aligning sales and marketing for a unified message across the sales cycle
  • Defining personas of typical decision-makers and influencers within target organisations
  • Creation of one-to-few, one-to-many and one-to-one content on relevant channels targeting those stakeholders
  • Nurturing brand advocates within organisations to reinforce the message

We offer a full digital demo service, taking prospects through presentation decks and online product demos.

  • Defining online demo processes
  • Creation of collateral / run-through materials
  • Training demo teams
  • Continuous improvement, e.g. feeding learnings from queries and objections back into the demo process

Focused approaches to warm leads and getting them over the line.

  • Encouraging action in hot leads
  • Richly personalised engagements bespoke to the client’s needs
  • Housekeeping a deal – keeping clients warm through the paperwork
  • Customer success: smooth onboarding, handover and initial customer delight

Accelerate Revenue

Closing sales on your behalf – and the consultancy, advisory and ancillary services which ensure we can always make a difference to your sales outcomes.

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A flexible, platform-agnostic suite of the world’s best marketing and sales technologies, tried and tested to cut your costs and improve sales effectiveness.

  • CRM: we work with – and integrate into – all the world’s leading CRM systems
  • Sales effectiveness analysis: we analyse every call and demo to identify improvements in real time
  • Smart link tracking: every link sent on our bespoke email campaign infrastructure is tracked and analysed – so we can qualify interest before even picking up the phone
  • Total expertise in paid social: We are obsessed with achieving maximum return on social platforms.

Our own world-class sales processes and continuous improvement strategies.

  • Magic 35 is our world-class in-house qualification system, designed to make every lead count.
  • We’re committed to our team and employ the 70-20-10 learning reinforcement model to put continuous improvement at the heart of our work – and your outcomes.
  • Our carefully honed Account Management processes mean that from strategy through onboarding to on-going performance, you’ll get a consistent, transparent and communicative service

To ensure you always have a high-performance sales team.

  • Recruitment of staff across the range of sales disciplines, from marketing data wranglers to online demo consultants
  • Our “Selling at a Higher Level” training programme” – plus sales apprenticeships for new talent
  • Shadowing and shared learning, so that our team represents your business, and your team improve their skills
  • Top up coaching to keep your team at the top of their game

Revenue acceleration at every stage of the business cycle

Sales Outsourcing:

World-class Business Development
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Ignite Demand:

Your Ready-to-Go Sales & Marketing Function
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Drive Sales:

End-to-end Demand and Revenue Generation
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Accelerate Revenue:

Maximum Sales Performance
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Let’s talk

We’re always open to hearing from ambitious organisations that are looking to scale but are unsure how. Get in touch to see how we can help overcome your sales challenges.