End-to-end support
across the sales cycle

durhamlane is not like other sales and marketing outsourcing businesses. We don’t work like the others. And we don’t charge like the others. Whether it’s:

  • Our recruitment and training practices
  • Our commitment to long-term careers (we have one of the lowest rates of staff turnover in the sales industry)
  • Or the way we reward our teams… everything we do is designed to encourage high-performance behaviours

Our people are passionate and determined to achieve; but also collaborative and genuine: working together to represent you and your business just as effectively as anyone in-house.

We incentivise our employees based on the retention of our clients, which means that our success is truly entwined with yours. For us, success is a repeat customer.

And we don’t charge by the number of leads, either. That would encourage quantity to the detriment of quality, whereas we think there’s a better balance to be had:

We therefore operate on a people model:

  • ‘FTE’ (Full-Time Employee): a number of full-time employees on your project – dedicated, expert, in-depth.

durhamlane has worked tirelessly to refine every aspect of the sales process, because we passionately believe there’s a better way to sell. Working across the sales cycle end-to-end, we offer a proven, honed and structured methodology which sets the standard for sales effectiveness.

We call it ‘Selling at a Higher Level’, and along with our ethos of tenacity and professionalism, it’s helped us move the needle for hundreds of clients. So no matter what your needs, we can offer you a carefully tailored blend of services and expertise to drive your business forward:

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