B2B Demand
Generation Services

If your marketing strategy isn’t delivering marketing qualified leads (MQLs) or helping to accelerate the buying journey of sales qualified leads (SQLs), you’re essentially leaving money on the table.

This is where our Demand Generation Services come into play. It’s about more than generating demand for your products or services from potential customers.

The true aim of your demand generation strategy should always be to build qualified sales pipeline that drives closed-won revenue.

We orchestrate multi-channel campaigns using integrated digital marketing and inside sales to reach your buyers, generating leads and nurturing them through the customer journey until they are ready to buy from you.

From Strategy to Revenue

durhamlane’s Demand Generation Services cover the entire sales process.

Capturing in-market demand, nurturing leads down the sales funnel and converting them to qualified sales opportunities – ready for your (or our) sales team to close.

We use a combination of targeted b2b marketing and sales tactics to generate real commercial outcomes for your business.

Demand generation campaigns

Target audience profiling

Intent data & enrichment

Proposition development

Content creation

Campaign implementation

Lead generation & nurture

Opportunity qualification

Convert & close (optional)

We focus on quality over quantity.

Rather than fixating on sheer volume of leads generated via cold calling, blanket email marketing and other ineffective ‘spray and pray’ methods, we operate a powerful commercial model that disincentivises volume-based lead generation in favour of quality-based opportunity creation.

Our proven ‘Selling at a Higher Level’ methodology and ‘Magic 35’ lead qualification framework set the standard for sales effectiveness; helping our customers focus on the right opportunities, return to a full sales pipeline and accelerate revenue growth.

This is why ambitious businesses engage durhamlane. We’re obsessed with driving commercial outcomes for our customers through a seamless blend of b2b sales and marketing.

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