The rewards of Sales & Marketing success are great, but the road to get there is no easy walk.  

That’s why we created these 10 Mantras to guide and motivate Sales & Marketing teams: 

Mantra #1: Business Fit, Business Value, Long-Term Relationships 

This Mantra challenges the standard approach to prospecting by prioritising quality of leads over quantity. 

Before your teams reach out to any prospect or customer, remembering this mantra will help them focus on solving problems and adding value, thus increasing your number of positive engagements. 

Ask yourself: 

  • What’s the fit between your business and the prospect? 
  • How much value (if any) can you add? 
  • What relevant content/insights can you share (case studies, eBooks, infographics etc.)? 

Finallyfocus on relationship-building in order to maximise ROI. Why?

The odds of selling to new prospects are 5-20% vs. 60-70% for selling to existing customers, meaning upsells and cross-sells are likely to generate more value than net new deals. 

Mantra #2: Professional, Humble, Courteous, Pro-active, Hungry, Ambitious 

Living up to this six-word Mantra is no easy task, but the rewards for doing so are undeniable. 

Your teams must make it their mission to always be professionallisten to prospects and customersand encourage them to talk more than they do. 

You want them to trust you with their problems, challenges and ambitions so that you can become a trusted, solutions-focused partner. 

At the same time, you should always be thinking about what more you can do to improve your own performance in order to provide better customer buying journeys. 

Mantra #3: Be Interested to be Interesting 

The more interested we are in others, the more interesting we usually become to them – it’s one of life’s universal truths.

Active listening is a hard skill to master but an essential one if youre to succeed in your revenue-generating efforts.

To achieve this, you and your teams need to be prepared, to be focused and to listen intently to what customers and prospects are sharing with you.

Mantra #4: Professional Persistence 

On average, it takes 18 cold call attempts to connect with a buyer. Unfortunately, most salespeople stop trying after 3-4 attemptsThis is why adhering to Mantra #4 makes a world of difference. 

But although getting a prospect on the phone is often the best way to guarantee an outcome, there are other avenues like Email and LinkedIn InMail which deserve the same level of attention. Be persistent across all sales & marketing channels. 

Of course, timing also plays a key role in sales. 

Research shows that the best time to call a prospect is between 4pm-5pm. So, as well as being persistent, your people should be consistent with their end-of-day calls to maximise their chances.

Mantra #5: Quality x Quantity x Consistency = High Performance

“How is it possible to multiply quality by quantity by consistency?”, we hear you ask. 

A fair question.

Well, the multiplication sign in any equation turns each element into its own lever.

For example, your work may be of a high quality, but if you don’t do enough of it, you will struggle to perform. Likewise, if you do lots of work at the expense of quality, your performance will suffer. And, of course, consistency is key. 

Get your quality, quantity and consistency working together and the long-term results will speak volumes.

Mantra #6: 24 Hours to Celebrate or Wallow in Misery

Success should be celebrated, and failures shouldn’t be ignored. 

It’s when you focus too much on either (or both) that problems often arise. 

Take each day as it comes, enjoy the wins and learn from the losses, then start the next day with a clean slate and use what you’ve learned to make improvements. 

Mantra #7: Estimate then Validate; Never Assume 

Assumptions are made all the time in Sales & Marketing. 

They don’t have budget.”  

“They can’t afford it.” 

“They aren’t interested. 

It’s your teams’ duty to make estimates through research, understanding and diagnosisthen validate those estimates through questions and qualification. 

Only then can they add real value by providing relevant information and solutions to solve customer problems. 

Mantra #8: Respectful Silence 

Too many salespeople talk, talk, talk – don’t be one of them. 

Give people the time and space they need to answer your questions. 

If you’re asking impactful questions, you shouldn’t expect your customer or prospect to have an immediate answer. 

Give them time to consider before they speak. 

Respectful silence is often a key element of a positive sales engagement. 

Mantra #9: It’s Up to You! 

Sales & Marketing are among the most empowering career paths a person can choose. Few others offer the same measure of control over your own success. 

Unfortunately, many don’t fully grasp the opportunities presented to them.  

Mantra #9 serves as a powerfureminder for your people to work hard and master you’re their craft – this is the surest way to unleash their full potential and reap the rewards. 

Mantra #10: Capability x Credibility = Opportunity 

Our tenth and final Mantra was added in April 2021 to honour 10 years in business for durhamlane, and is all about using the skills and experience your teams have developed tmaximise results. 

If your team have stuck to Mantras #1-#9, they should be in a place to make this happen. 

The ability to deliver results for your customers is all well and good, but without the evidence to support your claims, then why should they trust you? 

Build skillsets, develop a library of success stories and your rate of opportunity creation will surely grow. 

The path to sales success 

There we have it; our 10 sales and marketing mantras, designed to guide SDRs and marketers along the path to sales success.  

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