The challenge

Working in partnership with the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC), Omron traditionally secured new contracts through referrals and had not done any proactive selling in the UK.

With litt­le competition in the field of healthcare automation, this strategy worked well for their medical-grade technology sales, but a comprehensive go-to-market strategy was needed to support the launch of the company’s latest software solution.

After securing the partnership, we initially focused on building an effective outbound sales strategy to consistently engage with Omron’s target market. This involved testing fresh messaging across different communication channels in order to identify what resonates with our buyers.

Targeting busy healthcare professionals with very little time to spare for impromptu phone conversations caused our call connection rate to be unusually low. While we usually adopt a multichannel approach, in this case we decided to focus more heavily on email outreach.

This change in tactics allowed the team to secure more pre-booked discovery and qualification meetings with prospects, resulting in a connection rate of over 80% across the first three months of execution.

The outcome for Omron Healthcare
Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)
£ Average deal size
£ Total estimated pipeline value
"durhamlane have really proven their value in supporting our customer pipeline development. Our salespeople and their full-time dedicated lead generation resources work hand-in-hand as a blended team. This creates a seamless transition between lead generation and sales. Over time the durhamlane team's experience with our product has enabled them to work even further down the funnel, freeing our sales resources to work on the 'close'. We're impressed with the knowledge and dedication of the team, and the reaction from our potential customer leads has been really positive."
Paul Stevens
Digital Health Director

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