How do you make more money within your business? Naturally, the first answer the mind finds itself at is “sell more to more people”, which of course is a valid and sensible suggestion. It also goes without saying that when it comes to business success, having a strong and sustainable customer growth strategy is essential.

This is especially important when you have large enterprise businesses among your client list, something you’re likely to come across is multi-site clients – where the customer operates across multiple different locations.

In many cases, each of these sites could have totally different partners in place to solve a particular business need – which for the group as a whole, can quickly become an unnecessarily complicated (not to mention expensive!) juggling exercise.

If you already have an existing relationship with one or more sites of a multi-site customer, you’re well-placed to grow revenue. By incorporating more sites from the same group – and by bringing them into a consolidated contract at a group level – you’re both gaining more business and saving your customer money – as well as saving them the headache of an increasingly tangled web of contracts.

This isn’t without its difficulties, however – each site likely has different business needs and challenges, requiring a clear understanding of each one. It can be a complicated and time-consuming task to map out everything the customer needs, and it requires a lot of bandwidth from your sales teams to delve deep enough to gather all that information. Don’t let that put you off, though –that’s where durhamlane comes in.

Centralisation across the nation

Our inside sales teams can help you map, target, and engage multi-site accounts to supercharge your customer growth strategies. By adopting a consultative, account-based approach, we can gather and validate in-depth information and market insights, and use this to engage group-level decision making units. Using this highly targeted strategy, we can drive contract centralisation to unite all the sites into a single agreement – and then extend it to additional sites for an even bigger win.

Helping you to help your customers

At a time where competition is strong and budgets are tight, it’s never been more important to ensure you’re staying ahead of your customers’ needs. 

We’re the partner that can support you not only in developing and implementing your customer growth strategies, but also in proactively supporting your customer retention needs.

Find out how our customer success services can support you with accessing untapped revenue and opportunities within your existing customers.

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