When growth started stagnating, a facilities services multinational developed a centralised Marketing and Sales hub, solely responsible for lead generation.

After the success of this approach in the US, the company decided to establish an inside sales hub also in EMEA to approach this market more proactively.

Multilingual regions complicate hiring and prospecting

To build a strong pipeline across national borders and achieve its revenue goals, the company needed to manage separate teams across Europe while dealing with the nuances of foreign policies and language barriers.

With the sudden need for cost control due to the pandemic, the company lacked the resources to kickstart its EMEA Sales and Marketing hub. To overcome this challenge, they decided to outsource part of their lead generation activities to durhamlane.

Outsourcing lead generation to a multilingual team

We provided the organisation with a multilingual team of Sales Development Representatives (SDR). The team’s language capability allows them to differentiate their approaches by geography while deploying a unified lead generation strategy modelled on our consultative methodology. This removed the complexities of hiring and managing multiple local sales teams.

In constant communication with the company’s marketing team and their senior salespeople, our team has improved their MQL-to-SQL conversion rate, qualifying inbound leads and freeing time for senior Business Development Managers to focus on closing.

The team also devised a multichannel outreach campaign that targeted organisations across the Healthcare, Education and Elderly Care sectors and enriched the company’s pipeline with market intelligence on expiring contracts and upcoming tenders.

More than £13 Million in revenue

With this mix of could outreach and inbound lead qualification, our multilingual team helped the organisation kickstart their Sales and Marketing hub in multiple countries, test additional verticals and raise awareness for new offerings.

In less than 3 years, this project has produced a total estimated pipeline value of €200M, 33 closed-won opportunities and more than €13M in revenue.

Our success during the pandemic led to expanding the team from 2 to 10 full-time SDRs. Since then, our support has progressively focused on France and expanded to the Corporate Services sector, while our example encouraged national branches to build their own SDR teams.

By partnering with durhamlane, this organisation was able to reshape its traditional sales strategy and build a solid pipeline across EMEA, driving revenue growth across different verticals and regions in an unprecedentedly challenging period for the sector.

To understand more about how we can help facilities services organisations grow and expand in EMEA and beyond, read more about our strategic approach and the results we typically deliver in this sector.

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