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Working in sales can be difficult.

It’s full of ups and downs, twists and turns.

It’s one of the most challenging and rewarding professions.

It’s changed more in the last 5 years than in the previous 150.

Our 9 Sales Mantras sit at the core of everything we do, say and teach at durhamlane. They help sales people everywhere navigate modern selling.

Mantra #1: Business Fit, Business Value, Long-Term Relationships

The Mantra that will challenge and change your approach to prospecting… for the better.

Before you reach out to any prospect or customer, run through this mantra to ensure you are focused on solving problems and adding value.

What’s the fit between your business and the prospect?

What examples can you share, what relevant stories can you tell?

How much value do you anticipate being able to add?

If the value (or ROI) isn’t likely to be positive then why should they buy from you?

Finally – think of Long-Term Relationships as the added value. Why?

Two primary reasons:

  1. It’s 8-10x more cost effective to sell to someone again than winning net new business and
  2. It should be more fun.

People buy from people they like.

Mantra #2: Professional, Humble, Courteous. Pro-active, Hungry, Ambitious

This six-word Mantra is hard to live up to.

We must make it our mission to always be professional. To listen to our prospects and customers and to encourage them to talk more than we do.

We want them to trust us with their problems, challenges and ambitions so that we can become a trusted, solutions-focused partner.

At the same time we should always be thinking what more can we be doing, where else can we be looking, who else can we help.

The Achilles heal of sales is that it is never finished, there is always more work to be done.

Mantra #3: Be Interested to be Interesting

One of life’s truisms is that the more interested we are in others, the more interesting we usually become to them.

Active listening is a hard skill to master but an essential one if we are to succeed in sales.

We want to spend our time having conversations with purpose.

To achieve this, we need to be prepared, to be focused and to listen intently to what our customers and prospects are sharing with us.

Mantra #4: Professional Persistence

It takes 5-12 attempts to connect with someone. Unfortunately, again according to research, sales people usually stop at 3-4. Professional persistence is critical to sales success.

As long as we are connecting based on Business Fit (Mantra #1) then your prospect should not be critical of your attempts to connect and add value. Timing also plays a key role in sales.

It is essential we can be ‘found’ in the inbox so that when the need arises we are contactable. Mix up the media, be relevant and demonstrate how you are looking to add value to the person’s business.

Mantra #5: Quality x Quantity x Consistency = High Performance

At durhamlane, we understand how hard it is to get the ‘C’ word right and this is what we deliver for our outsourced customers day-in, day-out.

The multiplication sign in any equation turns each word into its own lever.

For example, your work may be of a high quality, but if you don’t do enough of it, you will struggle to perform.

If you do lots but at the expense of high quality, you will struggle to perform.

If you do lots at high quality but without consistency and you will struggle to perform to the best of your abilities.

Get your Quality, Quantity and Consistency working together and long-term results will shine through.

Mantra #6: 24 Hours to Celebrate or Wallow in Misery

It is important to celebrate success and to confront failure.

All too often we dwell on the latter and spend too much time on the former.

Analyse why you win, not only why you lose. Either way, it’s important to remember the result is in and life continues.

Mantra #6 links in closely to Mantra #5.

Mantra #7: Estimate then Validate; Never Assume

Assumptions are made all the time in Sales.

They don’t have budget, they can’t afford it, they are/aren’t interested.

Sometimes budgets are totally fabricated on the back of an assumption.

Our job as Sales Professionals is to make estimates (through research, understanding and diagnosis) then to validate those estimates (through the use of questions and qualification).

Only then can we add value and provide recommendations based on solving viable, business problems.

Mantra #8: Respectful Silence

Give people the time and space they need to answer your impactful questions.

Too many sales people talk, talk, talk.

If we are diagnosing needs carefully enough, we should not expect our customer or prospect to have an immediate answer.

Give them time to consider, then answer.

Respectful silence is an essential ingredient to being a successful Sales Professional.

Mantra #9: It’s Up To You!

Last but by no means least… In our opinion, Sales is one of the most empowering careers available.

Where else do you have such control over your success?

Unfortunately many people don’t grasp the opportunity presented to them.

They wait to be told or don’t commit fully to the opportunity in front of them. Our advice is to work hard to master your craft.

Commit to continual learning and leave no stone unturned in becoming a go-to-person for your colleagues and customers alike.

Our 9 mantras will guide you along the path to sales success but it’s Mantra #9 that will ensure you get there.

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