“Recruitment is like fishing. The problem is not a shortage of fish, rather where you fish and the bait you use” – Dr John Sullivan

You should always be looking for great sales people.


Because people who can sell effectively and consistently are the drivers of revenue, profitability and growth.

Most ambitious companies understand this.

The problem is, these businesses struggle to find the right candidates for their business, to fit their process and build pipeline.

Consider this fact:

As many as three quarters (72.8%) of businesses are struggling to find relevant candidates for their organisation.


If you can sell effectively and consistently, you’ll be getting looked after, and it’s unlikely that you’ll be actively looking for other jobs.

However, top performers can be enticed away with the right approach.

This is easier said than done.

Finding and securing top quality candidates through the recruiting process is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge.

This is why companies come to durhamlane.

In recent years, our recruitment services have rocketed, as we continually deliver our Talent at a Higher Level methodology to recruit only the best candidates for our partners.

Below, some of our expert Sales Talent Consultants give their top hacks for finding the best fit sales hires, for your business…


 “Top candidates – particularly those in London – get swamped with job approaches. More often than not, they choose to ignore them, irrespective of the most amazing job being within fingertips reach. Before they can be enticed by any job, the key is to stand out as a recruiter. I strongly believe our fourth Mantra, ‘Professional Persistence’, is what makes us unique against the magnitude of recruiters.  We follow our proven Talent at a Higher Level methodology to ensure we remain persistent, yet respectful, whilst showing them that the opportunity at hand is the right fit for them.”


“A common challenge I’ve found in recruitment is finding the right blend of technical expertise and commercial acumen to be successful in a sales capacity. Our strategic headhunting approach and thorough qualification methods ensure we can find best fit candidates for our clients. Our number one Mantra is ‘Business Fit, Business Value, Long Term Relationships.’ We abide by this to ensure we are recruiting the best fit candidates both for your business and for their skillset and interests. ”


“Looking past the CV is a must. Just like anything in life, there is always more than originally meets the eye.  The key to pinpointing the best sales hires lies in ‘Respectful Silence’, our eighth Mantra. Take the time to listen to your candidate and you may be surprised at what you will learn.”


“It’s good practice to keep in touch with placed candidates, try not to assume they’re getting on fine. Pick up the phone and validate it. We use our Mantra, ‘Be Interested to Be Interesting’, and I stick by this rigidly as nurturing clients and candidates is key.”


“One of our core values at durhamlane is our ‘One Team, One Approach’. I personally think this is essential to often finding the best candidates. Lots of eyes and ears means lots of ideas, and sharing these between us often means we can all play an input in a candidate’s journey, to placement.”


“We use our question-led qualification tool, tailored to the requirements of each candidate. This helps validate a candidates experience and relevancy to a role. This links to our seventh Mantra, ‘Estimate then Validate, Never Assume’. We never assume a candidate is a fit for a role based on their CV, we headhunt and qualify utilising this tool, to ensure candidates are both a skill match, as well as a culture fit.”


“The consistency of the overall recruitment process and ability to validate potential are just two of the key factors that influence a successful sales hire. The proven durhamlane Talent at a Higher Level framework forms the basis of a competency model that underpins our recruitment process, and helps our recruitment team to think about and follow Mantra number 5, Quality x Quantity x Consistency = High Performance.

For over seven years we’ve helped hundreds if ambitious organisations find their perfect sales candidates, from graduate to board level.

We are a trusted advisor and partner, not just another recruitment firm that touts a database of CVs.

Do any of the below statements or questions sound familiar?

  • How can I ensure I hire sales people who will actually perform?
  • I need to scale quickly and I’m struggling to build a reliable, high performing sales team.
  • I’ve been let down by recruiters in the past, but need to find a trustworthy and experienced partner to find the best sales talent for me- and quickly!
  • I could find and train a high performing sales team myself, but simply don’t have the time.

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