Sales outsourcing is an often-overlooked tactic when it comes to expanding sales efforts into European markets. But durhamlane are slowly changing this way of thinking for many US and European organisations.

This was the topic of conversation when durhamlane Co-Founder and Managing Partner Richard Lane caught up with VP of Revenue for InsideSales.com, Gabe Larsen during their Sales Development Summit.

“We call ourselves a ‘sales acceleration business,’” says durhamlane co-founder Richard Lane. “There are three core services to the organisation – outsourced sales, consultant training and coaching, and recruitment. We believe that no matter where a company is in their lifecycle, we can help them as long as they have ambition.”

Find a partner who understands the market

For businesses looking to expand their sales into foreign markets, sales outsourcing is often the most effective solution in terms of both cost and ROI. durhamlane have proven this by helping many multinational organisations to grow substantially outside of their native territories using their outsourcing services.

Of course, Brexit has rendered the outlook across the UK and Europe highly uncertain, leaving many companies based in the US and elsewhere hesitant to branch out into these markets. However, many companies could stand to benefit greatly by partnering with a sales outsourcing specialist who understands the risks and has a proven track record of delivering results, in both products or services.

Find a partner who can solve your problems

There are a number of major obstacles facing businesses when they look to expand their sales into new regions, including recruiting the right people and investing time and money into the whole setup process. This is why sales outsourcing can prove so valuable, as it removes these problems.

Based on his many years of experience, Richard explains the three main reasons organisations turn to sales outsourcing:

“Firstly, maybe there’s a lack of skills, resources or even understanding around that whole front-end sales process, how to build out the cadences and create new opportunities. You also find that organisations who’ve grown through referrals and recommendations don’t have that expertise in-house to be able to do (sales activities) effectively and quickly.

“Secondly, some organisations just have other focuses. Maybe they’re a hi-tech company; they’ve got core technical skills in-house but they outsource the front-end sales piece so the expensive sales resources they do have are out on the road in front of qualified customers.

“The third one is around accelerating growth – (a company says,) ‘We’ve got a blueprint, we know it works but we want to outsource the development because it’s faster and we can go into different countries…’

“Language, process, structure – all of those things you can get from an outsourcing organisation.”

Find a partner you can trust

Building trust with your customers is essential in sales, and durhamlane always takes the same approach when helping a company to grow and improve their sales efforts.

“Be really clear on what success looks like, and also be realistic,” explains Richard. “Work with the partner, get to know the partner, see how they operate, go and meet their people and work together to build out what the programme needs to look like.”

Whether you’re looking for Sales OutsourcingSales Training or Sales Recruitment, we can help.

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