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19 Oct 2018 / durhamlane, Training

3 ways to improve your sales team’s performance

Luke Robinson

by Luke Robinson

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Let me guess, your sales performance is spikey.

You have a few superstars who need little direction and do very well.

Most of your team struggle, and you have some consistent under performers.

But you’re not sure why, or more importantly, how to fix it.

You’re not alone. 53% of sales reps regularly miss quota and most sales leaders don’t know what to do. But what can you do differently?

Here are three ways you can improve your sales performance:

  1. Clear process – Ensure your sales process has clearly defined phases throughout the cycle of a deal – from initial prospect to closed-won account.
  2. Accountability – Every team member that is involved within the sales process must understand exactly what needs to be done. And who needs to be involved in order to successfully move on the next phase of the sales cycle. Sales is a team effort.
  3. Common commercial language – Develop a consistent commercial language, approach and visibility across the sales function. durhamlane’s ‘Selling at a Higher Level’ sale methodology can help simplify an often over complicated process.
Sales Training Process Selling at a Higher level

What do your top performers do in sales conversations that makes them successful?

And how can you capture these winning sales behaviours and replicate them across the team?

Sellers must be able to fully understand customers’ needs in order to determine whether their product(s) and/or service(s) can help, and thus close the sale.

That is why ‘Question Based Selling’ and ‘Qualification’ will always be fundamental parts of the ‘Selling at a Higher Level’ sales training programme.

durhamlane has created a sales qualification framework called Magic 35, which helps sales people spend their time where they can be most successful.

Get our free Sales Qualification (Magic 35) worksheet

There are 7 key criteria within Magic 35 that must be satisfied in any sales conversation, from Budget to Timescale.

Each one of those criteria is scored out of 5 depending on the amount of information gathered. This tool helps sales people accurately qualify an opportunity. It also ruthlessly disqualifies time wasters and tyre kickers, again helping sales professionals to ‘spend time where they can be most effective.’

Sales Training shouldn’t be thought of as a last resort or a necessary evil. The quicker you get a handle on your process and the development of your sales operation, the better the results become and the faster your organisation can grow.

If you are interested in our 6 Day Selling at a Higher Level training programme for yourself and your team then get in touch.

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