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Helping AdvisorStream land and expand in the UK through a joint sales & marketing approach.

AdvisorStream provide an industry-leading, automated digital marketing platform for Financial Advisors. Since 2012 the Canadian company has partnered with over 40 of the world’s top financial publications to deliver a stream of fully licensed, content for Financial Advisors.

The Challenge

Having successfully dominated the North American market, AdvisorStream already had a wealth of clients, but were yet to scale overseas. AdvisorStream engaged with durhamlane looking to infiltrate the UK financial market and win new business. They needed the help of demand generation experts to effectively align sales and marketing efforts to penetrate the marketplace and generate demand in the UK.

How we helped

We initially crafted strategic lead generation campaigns for AdvisorStream focused on the IFA and Enterprise markets, with the aim to maximise inbound MQLs and SQLs. Through impactful marketing tactics and compelling content creation, we were able to drive significant commercial outcomes, particularly within the IFA demographic.

Leveraging our analytics tools, we made data-led decisions to streamline campaigns to drive further success and optimise cost-efficiencies. 63.8% of opportunities generated were MQLs. The sales team focused on delivery into the IFA market and uncovered 36 opportunities over a three-month period. durhamlane have continued to successfully infiltrate the UK market, growing AdvisorStream’s international presence and closing new business as the leading automated-content platform in the Finance sector


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“Not only was the durhamlane team instrumental in generating a steady flow of leads for our sales team to close, but they also educated us on the many nuances of the market that would have been far more difficult to learn on our own. Professional through and through, durhamlane is a must-have partner for anyone wanting to accelerate the growth of their business.”

Karim Rashwan

Managing Director