The challenge

The security services market is heavily saturated: businesses engage in three-to-five-year contracts with their providers, and growth requires taking market share away from competitors. In addition, the landscape of office-based companies requiring security has shifted significantly during the pandemic, and outbound strategies must now be backed up by serious marketing intelligence efforts. In this challenging scenario, G4S’s objective was to run an effective lead generation program, carefully informed by fresh market research. However, their salespeople lacked the time necessary to carry out these plans. After an unsuccessful experience with an outsourcing partner that did not deliver, the company reached out to durhamlane to fill this gap.

During our onboarding process, we identified the information that G4S wanted to extract from every conversation with London-based prospects. In this space, adopting a consultative approach is particularly important: business development managers must understand the needs of the prospects, and G4S needed to be informed on its key competitors, the services they provided and the length of existing contracts. Alongside creating sales-ready business opportunities for G4S, we produce bespoke qualification reports that provide their senior business development managers with the insights necessary to be successful either in the short term or when a potential prospect would be on the market again for a new contract.

The outcome for G4S
Months Worked on the Project
Sales Qualified Leads
£M+ Annual Contract Value
Since the beginning of our partnership in September 2022, we have consistently delivered valuable market insights to G4S and created 36 SQLs, resulting in sales pipeline with an annual contract value of over £3,000,000.

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