The challenge

Lacking the demand gen and inside sales resource to focus on lead generation, Konica Minolta sought an experienced sales and marketing partner to generate enterprise opportunities alongside their in-house team.

After a comprehensive introduction to our team and processes, Konica Minolta chose durhamlane above another potential lead generation partner.

We initially targeted ICP mid-market and enterprise organisations in the UK, across legal, logistics, catering and energy sectors.

After introducing marketing in April 2021 to support outbound sales, we executed an integrated demand generation campaign. This identified the strongest sectors for digital services and helped optimise our campaigns for most engaged personas, resulting in consistent improvements in SQL generation.

durhamlane’s ability to work seamlessly with the incumbent sales team helped create a strong, enduring working relationship with Konica Minolta. Regular communication with their business development managers is at the heart of our successful relationship.

In response to the decline in print demand caused by the diffusion of digital media, Konica Minolta is actively diversifying its offerings, forging new paths in information management and video monitoring.

While the organisation sought to break new ground with software-based solutions, it aimed to boost revenue by offering complementary solutions to current clients, leveraging existing relationships to further understand its customer needs.

Since its start in 2019, the partnership between Konica Minolta and durhamlane has evolved to match the company’s goals and global market trends.

From 2022, one additional Sales Development Representative is fully dedicated to generating new business opportunities in the video monitoring segment.

In 2023, the project has expanded further to include managed IT services and information management. Currently, two additional full-time team members are prospecting in this new area and engaging with existing Managed Print customers to discuss the benefits of digital services.

Our SDRs’ cross-selling efforts are helping Konica Minolta expand into the software solutions space while obtaining key insights that ensure market relevance and customer satisfaction. Supported by dedicated marketing campaigns, durhamlane’s additional resources take the time to understand the challenges and intricacies of the new market, and provide tailored guidance and insights specific to Konica Minolta’s objectives.

The outcome for Konica Minolta
full-time resource (FTR)
qualified sales opportunities (SQL)
marketing qualified leads (MQL)
% MQL-to-SQL conversion rate
£m estimated pipeline
The markets targeted proved to be a rich source of leads for Konica Minolta. Over a period of 3 years and 9 months 617 qualified opportunities were generated, with an estimated pipeline value of £28.6 million. A leading UK supermarket and courier company were among the new opportunities we generated.
Having worked with durhamlane over the past 3 years we are pleased with the way the relationship has developed into a trusted strategic partnership which delivers results. The key to success has been the regular communication, collaboration and optimisation of activity led by both companies' sales and marketing teams. The partnership has been refined over time enabling a successful, scalable enhanced demand generation model.​
Amanda Walsh
Head of Global & Enterprise Organisation

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