The challenge

Interested in establishing its presence quickly in a competitive market, the company reviewed their outbound strategy and assessed the risks of managing a team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) internally.

In particular, the hidden costs of recruiting, training and retaining employees have been flagged as areas of concern for the commercial success of the new RS Industria solution proposed by the company, which wants to hit the ground running.

Their aggressive growth strategy could not afford the approximate 3 months of training and ramping up connected to hiring a new team, and employee turnover could hinder a consistent growth plan.

durhamlane has provided RS Industria with a team of expert SDRs that are quick to upskill and fully focused on sales.

The resources we have selected for this project have experience in approaching the specific markets RS Industria wanted to target and, working closely with key stakeholders, the team has been rapidly upskilled on the specific value proposition and the ICPs targeted by the company.

Our approach involved running an multichannel sales approach with fresh tactics and new messaging to directly address the common pains of RS Industria’s target market. Our initial success has already helped the partnership to grow, and our support has been extended to other segments and solutions within the RS Group.

The outcome for RS Industria
Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)
Average opportunities per month
£ Total estimated pipeline value
Since the start of this project, durhamlane has generated 140 sales-qualified opportunities for RS Industria, resulting in more than £700,000 pipeline value. Two full-time resources, fully dedicated to the project are currently delivering an average of 8 highly qualified new business opportunities per month.
“Working with durhamlane allowed us to rapidly scale our business development resource for a proposition at the very start of its lifecycle. Working directly with the sales execs and with our customer success team at durhamlane, we quickly identified issues with the articulation of the proposition and were able to make changes to improve customer engagement. We see durhamlane as very much an extension of our sales team and they professionally present themselves as part of the wider RS team.”
Richard Jeffers
Founder & Managing Director

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